Dudley's Story

It all started 17 months ago with a bag of shop bought treats from a large supermarket chain. Full of hidden nasties such as cereals, corn, sugar, derivatives, preservatives and flavourings. It was only matter of time before I had a runny bum and a bad tummy. We ended up at our local vets who ran a few tests and found I was allergic to wheat. Fast forward 17 months and with a lot of research, emails and car miles we found a fantastic natural treat supplier who we now partner with and this is how we can bring you the natural dog treat boxes today. 

We are happy to announce our partnership with "Dogs of Ella" based in Sri Lanka. After a holiday back in 2019 and witnessing all the hard work that Jessica and Doyel put in to helping the dogs we knew that we had to help. Natural Doggy Treats now feeds a dog for the day with every treat box sold.