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The Fish Box

The Fish Box

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A treasure trove of natural fish treats for your beloved dog! Dive into a world of flavour with:

  1. Fish donuts with Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coats.

  2. Sprats: Tiny whole fish bursting with irresistible flavour for training or snacking.

  3. Cubes: Bite-sized wonders freeze-dried to retain natural goodness.

  4. Fish braids treats, a protein-packed reward.

  5. Fish Flatties: Thin, dehydrated fish treats perfect for any size dog.

  6. Fish mini twists.   
  7. Salmon Fillet 
  8. Salmon Skin Chew    

A box with nothing but the finest ingredients! Order yours today and give your pup a taste of the ocean.

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